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Mentor AKT 

Passed First Attempt with 86.5%
One of the best decisions I have made was to attend 'Mentor AKT' course
timed about 8 weeks before the exam.

Dr Giam gave me the 'paddles' to row
through the rough sea of AKT - the course was intense, focused not only at
the AKT but beyond and the course handouts are like a 'compass' in a sea of
knowledge. I passed with an overall score of 86.5% and I am ever grateful to
Dr Giam for his mentorship.
I look forward to attend his CSA course.

Ketan Khan

Mentor SCA

Just got the results. You predicted a score of high 90's - I scored 102!
I followed your strategy to the book  

Story - Symptom - System
And smashed it! You are so right in that it is about behaviours not diagnoses
or doing millions of cases. Just doing a certain selection of cases in the
RIGHT way using your Confucian / Marcus Aurelius technique!

Thanks Nigel!

And big thanks to your SCA role players also for the honest
feedback and humour to go with!


Mentor RCA

I smashed the RCA with a score of 183. 

I loved your Story Symptom System approach and did the A E E all the way.

I am so grateful for your support and my consultation skills have improved considerably after seeing you. 

The targeted RCA simulation with yourself and your fantastic CSA role players, realistic case calibration and demo marking were invaluable in my exam success. 

Temi Ola

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